Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~I'm trying to get better at this blogging thing...sometimes i forget that i have one to tell you the truth.!! Have you ever been let down really badly or hurt really badly.!!!

~I'm hoping today is going to be a good day.  I really do not like my school anymore they have taken away senior leave ,and only have 30 min lunch. And on all of that there is a rumor that we will have to wear uniforms to school to. I have decided that a new school for next year sounds like a good idea.!!!

~Boys are pigs......just saying!!!!:)

~My Geometry class.......What can i say about it ,well we have a new teacher ,and sometimes i feel like i'm not learning anything in this class. She can't really teach ,and she is confusing. Oh how i wish our old teacher would come back.

~In French class we are talking about the Palace of Versailles. And people who leaved there well they were not the cleanest people in the world ,I would write one sentence to let you read but it would just make you sick...

~Today we will be in all our old period classes for an hour and a 1/2. So that means that I will have to be in Geometry, Human A and P, French, and English 2. And then tomorrow the even classes which i think tomorrow will be more fun then today.

~Well i'm done for today.................Love Ya...................<3

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today is Tuesday!:)

Well today is Tuesday March 1st.... It is a new month!!!!!  March is one of my top favorite months because it is the month of spring break.

~My Best Friends would have to be Lacey ,Katelyn, and Nadine........I tell them everything ,and they are always there for me. Love them.

~I dislike my school i thank the rules for getting out of here are dumb.

~Yasmine is in my Art class and she hates the project that we have been doing.... :)

~Today is going good so far ,I guess we will find out at the end of the day of how well this day well be.!!!!

~~~~~~Love ya~~~~~~~~